Finding presents, in general, can be a very tedious activity, for anyone! However, finding a meaningful present is 10x harder considering that a simple perfume or a Christmas card won’t cut it. Today we will make it easier for you to deal with buying the best present for your travel-addicted loved one. 

Personalized Travel Accessories

This is not just an easy option, it is also a very useful one. We know for a fact that travel accessories are going to be welcomed by your wanderlust friend. Therefore you can pick anything from passport covers to luggage tags and toiletry bags. This is also a great option for any budget, considering that you can buy both luxury and affordable personalized accessories.

Innovative Travel Items

Nowadays, you can find so many gadgets that help make travel much easier. An innovative travel item can be anything from a smart carry-on (see more in our blog post: Top 6 Innovative Carry Ons You Should Invest In), a tracking chip for your luggage, a wireless portable charger, a subscription for a travel app ( such as Timeshiftter, Tripit and PackPoint) or even wireless headphones. If you are not afraid of breaking the bank for your person this is a great way to make a difference in their travels.

Travel Journals & Scratch Its

These might be considered a cliché right now, however, they give the sentiment that you encourage your friend or family member to explore the world. One thing about travelers is that they love keeping track of their adventures so as a traveler these are priceless.

Gift Cards/Vouchers

Money is always a good gift, but if you know your person loves something in particular getting the gift card is the best. Nowadays you can get a gift card for literally anything. So consider giving a gift card for their preferred airline, hotel chain, travel agency (like PYNKIWI), or even a cab-hailing app (such as Uber).

A Getaway

This is the ultimate gift for any traveler! If you are able to offer a getaway for a passionate traveler, they will love you for life. This could be an international trip, a domestic escapade, or a staycation (in city vacation).  Traveler will enjoy anything that will allow them a moment away from their day-day reality. With PYNKIWI, you can plan the perfect trip for your person, whether they are going somewhere new or one town over. 

In conclusion, the point of giving gifts during the holidays is to remind your friends and family how much they matter to you. If you plan to give a gift with PYNKIWI, remember that our mission is to customize trips for our travelers and nothing feels better than a tailored fit.

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