After having set goals and objectives in January, the end of the year is scary but it doesn’t have to be. As conscious humans, we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves during this time of the year, because of our perception of time itself as well as development. However, a lesson that we need to learn is that every step we take is progress even if we haven’t reached our goals yet. Here are some things to do in order to end the year positively: 

Always give yourself grace

You survived this year despite all the hardships you went through. That should always be your main goal! Personally, I am not where I wish I was, but I believe that I am where I should be.  Things don’t always happen the way we want them to, but the main thing is being able to adapt and deal with everything that comes to us. Along the way, we might have lost some battles, but it doesn’t mean that we are not closer to reaching our goals.   

Reflection x12 

Looking at the year all together might be a little overwhelming, but if you take your time to either write a reflection or just think about every single month individually you are able to see how far you have come. You might have already forgotten, but in January most European countries went back into lockdown and you most probably survived another 2 months stuck inside the house. So think about each month separately and how much things changed for you because of what happened in that month.

Remember the 1 year is NOT long time

Relatively speaking a year is not a long time at all. Think about how quickly a year goes by! Is it enough time for things to change? Yes!  However, is it enough time for you to save one million dollars with a minimum wage salary? Not unless you win the lottery. It is however enough for you to get closer to your goal of having one million in savings. So, always keep things into perspective. If all you could do this year was finishing a financial literacy class that will help you use your money wisely, that is already progress.

Write a thank-you note for yourself

Reflecting is always a good thing, but have you thought about writing yourself a thank you note? Here you would only talk about the things that you did or that you overcame which pushed you closer to living your best life. No matter how big your achievements or downfalls were this year, it is very important to appreciate how you made it to the end. You can write it in a letter form or as a journal entry it is up to you.

Make a montage of memories or a playlist

There is nothing better than making a montage of the memories that you have gathered during the year. You will be able to see the highlights of your year and isn’t that sweet? Another way to stitch your 2021 memories together is by making a playlist of your top songs of the year. Streaming services like Spotify and apple music make these for you automatically, so all you have to do is press play and enjoy the trip through your year.

In conclusion, the end of the year is a beautiful time. It should not be filled with anxiety but instead with gratitude and hope. For the next year, make your travel dreams come true with PYNKIWI and travel beyond imagination.

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