One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was studying abroad. If you think about it, I was able to travel and still work towards my degree without falling behind. My study abroad experience took me to London, Monaco, South of France and Paris; let us help you figure out the best place for you. However, before we get there, here are 5 reasons you should consider studying abroad. 

You get to explore a new culture thoroughly Spending some days or even a couple of weeks is not enough to soak in a destination’s culture. But, a semester is the perfect amount of time to throw yourself into the unknown and come out a multilayered knowledgeable person. Take for example London, even though it is english speaking I learnt how to express myself through their colloquial terms. I also drowned in milk and tea (so much tea!) as well as Shakespeare and his legacy

  1. Meet people that can change your life There is no better way to expand your network and meet people than moving somewhere new. Networking is not gonna be hard, especially because you are going to be in a new school! However, for this to happen you must be open to putting yourself out there
  2. It is the best way to challenge yourself Studying abroad can be tricky! Being by yourself in a new country, that has food that you never tasted and a language that you are not familiar with. I remember crying many times because I felt so lost and alone sometimes, but in the end I came out a winner. I learnt how to speak French, make ratatouille, pair wines and became a amature art connoisseur.  On top of that, I fell in love with myself; and that’s what studying abroad does to you.
  3. Studying abroad opens door to more traveling Once you leave your comfort zone and it feels good… there is no turning back. Travelling becomes so much easier when you have already left your hometown, especially if you decide to move to a whole new continent (like Europe or even South America), where you can even drive from country to country if you really wanted to. Sometimes, your school even offers mini travelling opportunities like The American School of Paris did. I got to travel to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Qatar and more! 
  4. It is intersection between traveling and learning Now putting the last 4 reasons together, you can see that 2 things you should get out of this experience are: 

    1. Passport Stamps
    2. Knowledg

Once you study abroad, your education becomes more valuable. You get to discover the world beyond texts and movies! More precisely, you learn through experiences. 


In conclusion, say YES to study abroad! Even though the fall semester just started, consider making your next semester your best. Let PYNKIWI take you further than your imagination and help you find the perfect study abroad destination for you.

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