We know flying can be a hassle but is even worse when you encounter other humans that seem to be acting difficult for no reason. Sometimes we do things that can be a little questionable just because we have the flying jitters. However, we don’t want you to be that type of human. Therefore, here are 10 airplane flying rules that you should keep in mind: 

  1. Have everything ready for security check 
    Don’t hold up the line, just because you are not ready for the security check. Make sure you have your passport and other necessary documents at hand. But that’s not all, pack your carryon with the security check in mind! Have your laptop and liquid in an easily reachable space in your bag, that way you should only take a couple of minutes to set yourself up to cross the metal detector. 
  2. If you can’t lift it, don’t carry it
    We have to talk about this… why do people carry bags they cannot lift? We don’t know either! But what we know is that we need to be mindful of ourselves and others. Do not carry a bag that is too heavy for you to deal with by yourself, others are not obliged to help you. It also holds up the boarding line.
  3. Headphones on = Do not disturb 
    Unless you need to get in or out of your seat, do not talk to someone that has their headphones/earphones on. It is the international sign of “please do not bother me”.
  4. Be mindful of the smells you let out in the airplane 
    Make sure you don’t take anything that might alter the odor around the airplane dastrically. This includes smells naturally coming from your body, food and even very strong perfumes. So make it a priority to take a shower before flying and be diligent with putting on deodorant. If you have a long journey with long layovers, freshen up every opportunity you can. With food, avoid boarding with food that has very strong smells such as fish.
  5. The middle arm rest is for who needs it most: THE MIDDLE SEAT. 
    If your seat is by the window or by the aisle, you are in a much more comfortable position than the person seated in the middle.  Allow them to have a little more comfort by giving up the arm rest.
  6. Actually stand up when your lane partner needs get out their seat 
    We know we can get super lazy about standing up during flights, especially when you are watching an amazing movie, but just do it. Stand up! It makes it easier for you and your neighbor, you don’t have to squeeze and be in each other’s spaces.
  7. Be nice and kind to everyone (unless they step on your toes)
    Say please and thank you always! This is a stressful moment for everyone in the flying metal box. To ensure you don’t contribute to the discomfort of flying, always be kind! If someone steps on your toes kindly tell them to back off. 
  8. Respect the Lavatory 
    When you do your business, clean up after yourself. Make sure you don’t leave any bodily fluids or used hygienic products laying around. Remember that the bathroom is there for everyone and that there is no cleaning personnel. 
  9. Leave the plane in order
    Respect the way your seats are assigned! It’s ok to stand up in your own space once the seatbelt sign goes off, but don’t move into the isle and start grabbing your things. You must wait your turn so that everyone one can get out of the plane smoothly. However, if you need more time to get your stuff just wait until the line is gone. Conterly, If you think you might miss your connecting flight, make sure you let the flight attendants know (prior to landing), so they can make arrangements for you to leave first. 
  10. Always say thank you when leaving the plane
    No matter what, always be nice! Understand that the flight crew did everything to make sure you arrived safely to your destination and did so while being polite. Oh but that’s what they get paid for! Being paid for it doesn’t change the fact that the job is both stressful and emotionally draining, so a Thank You goes a long way.

These hacks are going to help you find the perfect flight for your own circumstances. But if you want to take all of the stress from booking and planning a trip, try PYNKIWI and have the trip of your dreams. 

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